The worthy charities I donate to are: WIRES (Australian Wildlife Rescue) WORLD VISION (Ukraine Appeal) ALLMEP (Alliance For Middle East Peace)

Examples of the different gift ideas on Society6


CaroleClaude T - All Eyes On CaroleClaude T - We Fret


CaroleClaude T - St Michel


CaroleClaude T - MonAbre CaroleClaude T - All Same But Differently Imperfect CaroleClaude T - Determined



Examples of how different sizes will look when displayed.

My Gallery

CaroleClaude T - Monlion
When rotated bottom up or sideways, several other-wise unidentified shapes will come into focus.
Once a Doodler, always a Doodler
Carole Claude T - Onest
CaroleClaude T. Artist
Carole Claude T - Staind-Glass Crazee